It’s Time to Take Action … Contact your Senator and Representative

Hold on to your wallets. Democrats in the Colorado General Assembly are at it again, pushing Senate Bill 188, a $1 billion a year tax increase in the name of a new paid leave program. And hardworking Coloradans will pick up more than half the tab – $600 million – out of their own paychecks.

The Colorado Springs Gazette says Senate Bill 188 turns a “well-meaning” idea “into a liability for employers and employees” and “is rife for abuse.” The Common Sense Policy Roundtable says legislators “will set the program up to fail.”

We need to take action to stop this job killing legislation. Learn more about SB188.

Call 303-866-2904. Ask your Senator and Representative to work with job creators—and not partisan special interests—to protect Colorado’s economy and quality of life.