Let’s Stand Together to Halt the Crushing Blows to Colorado’s Economy 

Colorado’s elected leaders usually do their best to preserve the things we value most in our state, like its unparalleled natural beauty — and its healthy economy. After all, it’s the economic climate — things like good jobs, moderate taxes and reasonable regulations — that make it possible for most of us to live here and enjoy all Colorado has to offer.

That may be about to change — for the worse. Our legislature’s new leadership seems to have lost sight of their top priority — keeping partisan politics in check and policies in balance — and instead have launched a radical political agenda that stands to undermine our prosperity.

A number of bills introduced this legislative session and now moving toward the Governor’s desk would level Colorado’s economy with an avalanche of new taxes and unreasonable regulations. The myriad of legislation would saddle job creators with soaring costs and smothering mandates — both serving to not only stifle job growth but potentially result in job loss. One measure, alone, has the potential to shut down an entire industry and drive it out of Colorado for good.


As these job-killing bills barrel toward becoming law, Democrats in charge of the Colorado General Assembly can no longer claim to be “pro business.”

Assault on Main Street Businesses

The targets in this assault on business range from Main Street shops that create so many of our jobs, to the oil and gas industry, which pays some of the best wages. There will be plenty of collateral damage, too, as ripple effects sweep the state. Rural communities that host so much of our oil and gas development will be devastated by the loss of the industry’s generous payroll. Local governments and rural school districts will be reeling from the loss of tax revenue.

The legislation is dressed up in good intentions and noble causes like “family leave,” “equal pay” and “local control,” but appearances can be deceiving. What the bills really do is “fix” what isn’t broken — by taking a sledge hammer to smart policies that have been working very well to address wide-ranging interests.

Put Partisanship to the Side

What’s behind the reckless legislation? It looks like those who now hold the reins of power at the Capitol would rather stay in lock-step with their national party and its political playbook, than keep pace with the concerns and needs of everyday Coloradans.

The time has passed for scoring political points. Legislative leaders won last November’s election — it’s over.  They can stop campaigning.  Now it’s time to serve all Coloradans with responsible, balanced, sensible policy for the entire state because …

It’s ALL OUR Business, Colorado.